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It’s good to be home

Get the care you need right in your own home
Optum acute care at home
Get hospital-level care in the comfort of your home
This program is an alternative to acute hospital care for qualifying patients with significant illness or a chronic medical condition requiring hospital-level care. A care team member will come to your house to set up all the necessary equipment, and you will receive personalized care in your home.

Acute care at home is a proven alternative to hospitalization. It offers fewer hospital readmissions and improved patient satisfaction.
How acute care at home is delivered
Physicians can enroll you at our local facilities, clinics, and emergency departments
Equipment and supplies are delivered to your home and set up—including a computer tablet for video visits
You’re transported home and have daily contact with your doctor, nurse practictioner, or clinician—virtually and in-home
A 24/7 care team remotely monitors your vitals and ensures you receive hospital-level care
A physician will guide your care and assist with scheduling any follow-up appointments

Treatments at home

Optum Acute Care at Home allows you to receive treatment and recover at home with services including:

  • IV infusions, antibiotics, fluids, diuretics, steroids, and more
  • Laboratory services and mobile imaging (EKG, X-ray, ultrasound)
  • Oxygen, medical supplies, and durable equipment
  • Pharmacy and medication management
  • Home health aides and physical therapies
  • Meal delivery, care management, social work, and wound care as needed

Acute care at home is a trusted alternative
From congestive heart failure and high blood pressure, to cancer, diabetes, pneumonia, and more, acute care at home is a proven
alternative to hospitalization with:
Talk to your provider to find out if you qualify for Optum acute care at home

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